Fibre Optic Broadband Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I already have Fibre from my exiting supplier, but it isn’t very fast and it goes on and off?
A: We are offering a Full Fibre service, where fibre gets installed all the way into your home. This will give you a reliable internet service that doesn’t slow down in the evenings or break in bad weather. A lot of “fibre” is actually fibre to the nearest Green Cabinet and then copper cable to your home.

Q: I live a long way from the exchange or green cabinet, will I ever be able to get fast broadband?
A: Yes, as this is a Full Fibre service it doesn’t matter how far from the exchange or green cabinet you live, you could be literally miles away, and it will still work at full speed all the time. There is no old copper cable involved!

Q: My speed is ok during the day but in the evening, it grinds to a halt, what can I do?
A: With all our Full Fibre Connections you should get virtually the speed you pay for all the time, it won’t grind to a halt when you come home from school or work. At peak times you may get say 100mb on a 110mb connection but that should be the worst you’ll see. We design our network and have loads of capacity so you get great, fault free, fibre broadband all the time – we don’t want you calling up to complain!

Q: Will I still need my copper phone line?
A: No! We will install a new fibre all the way into your home, this will give you a great, reliable internet service using new cable that always works.

Q: Do I have to pay anything if I order now?
A: No. If you order now you will benefit from the free installation offer and we will arrange to take your first payment once we are ready to make you connection live.

Q: When will it be available in Coleham and Belle Vue
A: We have started surveying all the routes and installation will start in the next few weeks, if things go to the plan the first connections will go live in April.

Q: Are there any limits to how much I can use it?
A: Subject to our fair use policy there are no limits to how much data you use. Please bear in mind our Residential services are intended to people who may be working at home but not those who run a business from home. If you run a business please enquire about our business connections as they may be more suitable.

Q: I Rang BT/Sky/Virgin/TalkTalk and they said Fibre wasn’t available?
A: We are installing a totally new fibre network and are not relying on BT/Openreach or anyone else’s network. Unfortunately not all ISPs have decided to join to the Full Fibre network yet, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get it, because you can, very soon!

Q: What about my phone?
A: You have a few options with the phone, some people decide they don’t actually need one, and just get rid of it. Some people want to keep their copper line just for the pone, but this can be expensive. We can provide you with a Fibre Phone that not only will give you crystal clear calls but will also save you money on your line rental. Fibre is also great for Skype and Video calls. If you get a Fibre Phone from us, we’ll either get you a new phone or an adaptor that will allow you to plug your existing phone in.

Q: Do I have to cancel my existing connection?
A: Yes you will, but we advise against doing this until we have the fibre successfully installed into your property. Although it is rare, occasionally when we come to do your installation we can find a problem with a blocked duct or telegraph pole with a defect, we’d hate for you to be without service while we fix this.

Q: How do you install the cable?
A: We will bring a new fibre cable into your home, usually using the same route (or closely following) as your existing telephone cable. So if it currently comes in overhead, we will do the same, or if it comes in underground, we will do the same. We may need to drill a small hole for the cable to come in, but this will be made good and we’ll install a small box on the wall (about the size of a large match box) that the fibre gets terminated in. You’ll also get a wireless router, probably similar to what you have now. You’ll need two power sockets, one for the fibre termination box and one for the router, but don’t worry they use very little power.

Q: Is it good for TV and Games?
A: Fibre is great for streaming TV & Films and playing games. You’ll have no problems running several TVs at high definition while some top-quality gaming goes on in the other room. We support all the online streaming sites that are available in the UK – just bear in mind you might need to pay them a subscription!

Q: Can I use it for working from home?
A: Yes of course. Conference Calls, Video Calls, VPNs, Office 365 and all your Apps will work a dream on fibre, what’s more if you need a fixed IP that won’t be a problem either.

Q: What about the latency and Jitter?
A: Our Fibre is great so basically you won’t need to worry about this, your online games will be instant and there won’t be any delay on your video calls or any buffering from your TV.

Q: What is the different between FTTP, FTTC, FTTH, Copper and Cable?
A: FTTP and FTTH is what we are installing, this means “Fibre To The Premises” or “Fibre To The Home”. This is where you get fibre all the way into your home, no old copper involved! FTTC or “Fibre To The Cabinet” is where there is fibre to the local Green Cabinet, and then copper the “last mile” (or miles) – this is where the problems with speed and quality arrive, as the copper is getting old and doesn’t have the capacity of Fibre. Cable Broadband is usually co-ax (TV aerial cable) has the same age related issues. Fibre is the Future and will easily carry as much data as you need now and in 50 or 100 years time. Having fibre installed now future proofs your home.

Q: Where can I get it?
A: We have already installed our fibre round the whole of Cherry Orchard and we are currently progressing up Abbey Foregate and around St Julians towards Coleham. Once we finish St Julians we are coming over the bridge to Coleham and Belle Vue, the map details below where are initial plans are to install in your area, if you are just outside this are don’t worry, get in touch and we’ll double check and arrange to get your road connected to.

Q: What if I am a business?
A: Don’t worry we have plenty of options for you, with broadband and leased lines/ethernet available all at a great price – please contact us to discuss options.

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