Windows 10 Mail (IMAP)

Windows 10 Mail (IMAP)

1.First open the start menu by clicking the windows icon in the bottom hand left corner of the screen, and type “Mail”, then press enter or click on the mail icon


2. Then, in the bottom left corner, click the small settings icon.


3.Then in mail settings, click “Manage accounts”


4.Now click “Add account”


5. Click “Other Account”


6. Now select “Internet email”


7. Now fill in the following fields with this information:

Email address: your email

Username: your email

Password: your password

Account name: something you will recognise as this account

Send your messages using this name: your name

Incoming email server:

Account Type: IMAP4

Outgoing (SMTP) email server:

Make sure theses boxes are ticked: Outgoing server requires authentication/ Use the same username and password for sending emails



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