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Hook up to the ANLX fully resilient data network by DSL Fibre Broadband, Ethernet or a Leased line.  Once connected you’ll experience fast uncontended connectivity as we own and operate the core network and actively manage the connectivity to exceed our customers expectations.



Broadband for Business

ANLX business broadband services deliver, high quality, affordable broadband with fast download speeds and minimum network contention.

Our Broadband packages include ADSL, ADSL2+, AnnexM or Fibre (FTTC), with all data classed as Business Premium, but with the Elevated Quality of Service (QoS) available for voice circuits.

As all data passes through our network consistent QoS rules are applied throughout enabling us to deliver a premium, consistent service.

We appreciate that for most businesses internet connectivity is a Mission Critical service and our UK based tech support team is available to help with the little things, like support with firewall configurations as well as the big things, like when Derek gets energetic on his digger and wires are chopped.


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EFM circuits are delivered over multi copper cores, giving increased resilience and reliability.

EFM, or Ethernet in the First Mile, provides flexible bandwidth options from 2Mb to 10Mb at a far lower cost than Leased Lines or Fibre Ethernet – bringing it within reach of most small and medium businesses.

Ethernet is the best Internet and site to site connectivity available in the UK today, and Copper Ethernet makes high speed Internet access affordable for most businesses.

EFM SLAs which offer outstanding quality bandwidth, throughput and reliability. Copper Ethernet circuits can also be used for point to point connections or to provide a private MPLS network with shared Internet access breakout.


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GEA Ethernet

GEA or Generic Ethernet Access over Fibre to the Cabinet, is an Ethernet replacement for Leased Lines, at a fraction of the cost of old Leased Line services, and provides the UK’s best Internet access circuits.

GEA Ethernet circuits use FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Technology to deliver Ethernet Leased Lines into your premises faster and at a lower price point than Fibre or EFM Leased Lines. The connections are also known as FTTC Leased Lines or FTTC Ethernet.

The key is that despite the improved speed of installation and low cost, GEA Leased Lines retain the same performance SLAs as EFM and Fibre Leased lines.

Ethernet Leased Lines have been the business Internet connection of choice for the last two years and now GEA makes Ethernet affordable for almost all businesses.


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Fibre Ethernet

The fastest and best quality Internet connectivity available in the UK.

  • Available using Fibre, EFM Copper or GEA FTTC access circuits
  • Ideal replacement for existing Leased Line services – at up to half the cost
  • Ideal for combined voice and data connectivity
  • Bandwidths from 2Mb – 10Gb
  • Uncontended bandwidth.
  • Guaranteed uncontended bandwidth
  • Guaranteed performance with SLA
  • Highly reliable & resilient connections
  • Available as direct Internet or site to site connectivity
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MPLS or Multiprotocol Label Switching is a “routing protocol” that attaches a virtual “label” to each data packet which is then used to route packets to a destination through a network. MPLS is currently the fastest protocol available as the forwarding decision is based on the label and not the full IP address lookup.

MPLS is typically used to create a private networks over the public internet or an IP-VPN

ANLX MPLS allows customers to deploy a private managed data network or an IP-VPN, which links multiple sites directly into ANLX’s core network using a wide range of circuits, including:

  • DSL Broadband
  • EFM Copper Ethernet
  • GEA Ethernet
  • Fibre Ethernet

As the circuits connect into a central ‘cloud’ rather than to a specific site the network is more flexible & resilient than using site to site leased lines or VPNs which require expensive routers and configuration. Adding a new site into a network is as simple as just ordering a single circuit at the new address. ANLX will then connect this into your MPLS network, allowing data to securely route between sites without you having to set up VPNs & firewalls.


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IP Transit

ANLX operates a fully redundant, diverse 10Gb fibre ring between Telehouse North, Telehouse East, Telehouse West, Telehouse Metro & Equinix LD3. This allows us to guarantee a 100% availability up-time for the high availability demands of our customers’ mission critical applications.

Our Juniper and Cisco powered network utilises the most advanced self-healing attributes available which allows us to deliver on our 100% infrastructure availability guarantee. We have invested significantly and have resilient core routing equipment at multiple sites in addition to multiple peering routers on our metro ring.

We are happy to quote for DataCenter connectivity as well as wide are IP Transit.

All circuits can be presented at any POP as copper at 10/100/1000Mbps or as Fibre at 1Gbps or 10Gbps where required.


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