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We help companies solve IT problems using our cloud infrastructure, from storage solutions for road warriors that integrates with the back office systems or an integrated monitoring system for a fuel distributor.



IT services from ANLX includes Consultancy where we help companies solve IT problems using our cloud infrastructure, from storage solutions for road warriors that integrates with the back office systems or an integrated monitoring system for a fuel distributor.

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Network Design

Need help designing a network?

Network planning involves five layers of planning, namely:

  1. business planning
  2. long-term and medium-term network planning
  3. short-term network planning
  4. IT asset sourcing
  5. operations and maintenance

Each of these layers incorporates plans for different time horizons, i.e. the business planning layer determines the planning that the operator must perform to ensure that the network will perform as required for its intended life-span. The Operations and Maintenance layer, however, examines how the network will run on a day-to-day basis.

The network planning process begins with the acquisition of external information.

This includes:

  • forecasts of how the new network/service will operate
  • the economic information concerning costs; and
  • the technical details of the network’s capabilities

Planning a new network/service involves implementing the new system across the first four layers of the OSI Reference Model. Choices must be made for the protocols and transmission technologies.

Network planning process involves three main steps:

  • Topological design: This stage involves determining where to place the components and how to connect them. The (topological) optimisation methods that can be used in this stage come from an area of mathematics called Graph Theory. These methods involve determining the costs of transmission and the cost of switching, and thereby determining the optimum connection matrix and location of switches and concentrators.
  • Network-synthesis: This stage involves determining the size of the components used, subject to performance criteria such as the Grade of Service (GoS). The method used is known as “Nonlinear Optimisation”, and involves determining the topology, required GoS, cost of transmission, etc., and using this information to calculate a routing plan, and the size of the components.
  • Network realization: This stage involves determining how to meet capacity requirements, and ensure reliability within the network. The method used is known as “Multicommodity Flow Optimisation”, and involves determining all information relating to demand, costs and reliability, and then using this information to calculate an actual physical circuit plan.


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Network Support and Monitoring

Without an effective monitoring solution, an organization can suffer the effects of swamped servers or overloaded databases without even knowing it until it’s too late. Security breaches and basic hardware or software failures are an even greater threat. Aggressive monitoring can prevent many of these frustrating and costly failures and help guarantee a high quality of service for your end-users.

Using sophisticated monitoring tools our team are able to deliver more responsive and robust monitoring solutions for performance monitoring and benchmarking.

NETWORK LAYER ANLX routinely monitors all routers, switches and connectivity that affect the performance of our Zero-Downtime Network?. To ensure the integrity of our data centres and all customer operations, we also continuously monitor the network backbone, our multiple bandwidth providers and the overall health of the Internet itself.

DATA CENTRE At the data centre level, we monitor the status and efficiency of all HVAC, power generation, security, management and support systems. We also continually track and document the health of the servers, firewalls, load-balancers and other elements of each customer’s hosted platform. Automated monitoring technologies provide pre-set alerts in the event of data centre- or device-level errors or failures.

APPLICATIONS & DATABASES ANLX employs sophisticated software systems to monitor and evaluate our customers’ Web-oriented applications and databases. Because the configuration and use of specialized Operating Systems can greatly affect the performance of a Web operation, we closely track a number of OS variables. Metrics collected by these systems are used to monitor performance, availability and storage capacity.

PROCESSES & SERVICES Our customers also rely on us to measure a number of other important infrastructure variables. A customised monitoring program can be configured to track and document bandwidth utilization, security incidents, load balancing and other Web activities.

CUSTOMISED MONITORING TOOLS To meet our customers’ unique business requirements, ANLX offers flexible, customized monitoring and alert services. All customers are protected by our company-wide monitoring systems, and we can provide deeper and specialized monitoring to meet virtually any requirement.

REPORTING At ANLX Managed Hosting, we provide a sophisticated set of reporting tools that track, analyze and explain every important detail of the performance of your Web platform and applications. We then provide that information in customized, easy-to access and understandable reports. As a result, our customers gain the insight needed to reduce costs and risk and to improve the performance and profitability of their Web-based operations.

BANDWIDTH ANLX collects and reports comprehensive, real-time bandwidth information for every customer device. Our bandwidth reports can include real-time measurements, historical data and trending analysis for bandwidth out to the public Internet and internal bandwidth.

HARDWARE To ensure optimum performance from every hardware device, ANLX provides real-time reporting on CPU and memory utilization, disk space, component status and other server variables. ANLX uses other sophisticated systems as well as our own Reporting Tool 4.0 to track and analyze key infrastructure hardware components.

SECURITY By constantly monitoring logs on servers and other devices, ANLX can provide detailed and up-to-the minute reporting on security incidents, threats and vulnerabilities. Security reporting includes information on threat responses, software patches and the general state of Internet-wide security.

WEB ANLX customers can also choose to access Web analytics for detailed information on Web site usage and traffic patterns. These helpful reports provide powerful insights into how visitors find your site, which pages are most popular and how long visitors stay on each page.


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Firewall Support

Technology brings great benefits; however with great benefits comes risk. Businesses of all sizes face threats from data loss and the internet.

We help businesses (many with multiple locations) minimize the risks of corporate data loss by specifying, deploying and actively managing firewalls to protect their networks from threats while also allowing smooth flow of key data including:

  • Corporate VPNs
  • VoIP Telephony, both hosted & sip trunks
  • Lync
  • Remote Desktops
  • Video Conferencing

Firewalls deployed and supported include:

  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • Watchguard


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Software Licensing

ANLX can provide licensed software for servers hosted within our infrastructure or on your premises.

We are also happy to advise you on the most cost effective configuration of user licenses vs processes and software can be paid as a one off non-recurring fee or on a monthly recurring basis.

Licensed Software available from

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Cisco


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