Ultrafast fibre is coming to Ross-on-Wye by December!

 In partnership with Full Fibre, we’re planning to supply ultrafast fibre in the Ross-on-Wye area.

A high quality fibre connection with fast speeds, low latency and a minimum network contention.

Whether it’s for watching movies or gaming, to keeping your business online, ANLX has the right solution for you.

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We are currently planning to build a full fibre network in Ross-on-Wye that is expected to be live by December.

Currently homes and businesses in Ross-on-Wye are generally connected to the internet by copper cables either going back to a green cabinet (FTTC) or copper cables all the way back to the telephone exchange. The copper cables are now generally getting old and unreliable, and even if they are new there are limits to the speed connection they can support. If you already have fibre, the fibre probably only goes as far as the cabinet by the side of the road, and then the old copper wires go to your home or business, often resulting in unreliable service and slow downs, especially as you get further from the cabinet.
We would install FTTP (Fibre to the Premises or Fibre to the home) where you will get a fibre all they way into the building, giving you an ultrafast connection that doesn’t go off and stays fast all the time. It doesn’t matter how far from the cabinet you are, you’ll always get the speed you pay for.
As part of the installation you will get a new Fibre Cable installed, this new service does not rely on the old copper cables at all. Once the fibre is installed , you may chose to keep your old line for your telephone, or if you don’t make any calls, do away with it altogether, or if you still want a phone, but want great quality, you could move your existing phone number to our crystal clear fibre phone service.
We can offer both FTTP (Full Fibre Broadband) – which is suitable for homes and small businesses and fibre ethernet, which is more aimed at businesses that need more upload speed. Everything will be Genuine Fibre all they way. Speeds currently available of residential packages will be 900mbps and 10gbps for business.
We do need to get a reasonable amount of people to commit to the service though, so that we know we can cover our costs of the project over the coming years, so please either register your interest now, or sign up with a pre-order. Pre-orders don’t require any payment until the project goes ahead and you have your fibre installed. It is hoed this project maybe funded by a grant scheme and that does depend on us demonstrating enough interest in taking the service, particularly from businesses.
If you are out of contract, or you contract runs out soon, we can take over your existing connection for a few months until this is installed, so that your existing supplier doesn’t over charge you while you are waiting for us to get the fibre installed.
If you have any questions, please do get in touch, but also look at our FAQs below, this should answer a lot of your questions.

Fibre Optic Broadband FAQs

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ProductDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Normal Standard Monthly CostInstall Cost
Residential Fibre 505010£30£0
Residential Fibre 11011030£45£0
Residential Fibre 33033050£90£0
Residential Fibre 1G900100£225£0

*Subject to survey.

Minimum term: 1 year
Typical lead times from signed order: 7-14 days once network is active
Includes use of router that must be returned by the user at end of contract or a £50 fee paid
At end of initial contract term monthly cost will revert to current standard price unless new deal agreed
All prices include VAT

ProductDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)ServiceSLA1 Year Monthly Cost3 Year Monthly CostInstall Cost
Business Fibre 505030Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£37.50£35£0*
Business Fibre 11011050Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£75£70£0*
Business Fibre 33033080Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£125£115£0*
Business Fibre 500500100Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£200£185£0*
Business Fibre 1000900150Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£375£350£0*
Business Fibre Direct Internet Access 100100100Shared Bandwidth with Static IP8 Hours£150£140£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 100100100Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£275£199£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 200200200Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£330£265£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 300300300Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£350£285£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 400400400Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£370£305£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 500500500Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£385£320£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 600600600Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£400£335£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 700700700Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£415£350£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 800800800Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£430£365£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 900900900Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£445£380£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 10001000100Dedicated Bandwidthwith Static IP4 Hours£460£395£0*

* Business prices exclude VAT.

* Router/WiFi not included

* Subject to survey.

If you are interested, but not yet ready to order, please register your interest here, and we’ll keep you informed of our progress and let you know when we can install full fibre broadband to you.

Register Interest

If you know you want it, why not order now?  No money will be taken now, payments will only be due when we go ahead with the project and we have installed your fibre.

If you cannot find you address on here for any reason, please register for interest instead, and note the problem and we’ll try and get it sorted.

Please ignore the dates in the “Available From” dates, these will be revised to September 2020 once we get going!

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