The ANLX Server Farm welcomes co-located equipment, where your assets (servers. switches, routers, etc.) are housed within our infrastructure at key London Data Centers and we charge for space, power, network connectivity, management, etc.


placeholder ANLX co-location combines class leading hosting facilities with our own highly resilient network offering the perfect environment for your IT infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to host a single server, outgrowing your existing datacentre or simply looking for a better deal on your existing co-location arrangements, talk to ANLX about what we have to offer.

Who Benefits?

Companies wishing to leverage their existing investment in server hardware get access to our world class connectivity and backup resources. Organisations looking to deploy hybrid cloud/physical solutions find co-location offers a cost effective route to deployment.

Disaster Recovery

ANLX offer off-site replication targets for your critical data to provide an end-to-end infrastructure solution. In addition, redundant hot standby Virtual servers can be configured to enable not just data restoration, but to restore both applications and business services in the event of a disaster.

Hybrid Solutions

ANLX offer hybrid cloud solutions that tie your hardware to our cloud platform. Whether you require physical servers or network devices such as load balancers, ANLX can create a hybrid solution that fully utilises our enterprise infrastructure.


  • Power – up to 5KW per rack (in some datacentres), dual 16A feed
  • Space – from Single U through multiple racks to dedicated suites, ANLX can accommodate your co-location hosting requirement.
  • IP Transit – 100Mbps uplink with 95th percentile bandwidth billing (Gigabit connections available if required).
  • Datacentre Interconnect – Layer 3 interconnect between ANLX Datacentres or other client locations
  • Security – 24×7 Manned Security, access list, proximity card required to enter datacentre suites
  • Remote Hands – Onsite engineers available 24×7 at most datacenters – 30 minutes included free of charge with all co-location services.
  • SLA – 100% Uptime SLA covering Network & Power.
  • Managed services
    • Monitoring
    • Network Firewall
    • Storage


  • Risk Mitigation – Housing your IT equipment in a secure resilient off-site environment makes your business less vulnerable to physical loss or damage to critical business systems. Delegating the task of risk mitigation to a co-location provider eases the pressure off internal resources and ensures that experienced data centre management is employed.
  • System Availability – ANLX is synonymous with high quality data centre environments, with redundant network, power and cooling systems to deliver unrivalled system availability.
  • The Demands of New Technology – New server and storage technology is demanding more and more power and air-conditioning in order to operate, and the costs of refurbishing and upgrading an IT environment can be prohibitive. ANLX understands this and balances the need for an up-to-date IT environment with an obligation to the natural environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Co-location? Co-location is the housing of your IT equipment (servers, switches, routers etc) in a 3rd party hosting facility where space, power, network connectivity and other additional services are provided by the 3rd party.

Can I visit the ANLX Data Centre? We are happy to arrange a tour of our facilities- please contact us to organise a tour of our Data Centre during business hours.

What level of access is available to my co-located equipment? Co-location clients have full 24/7 access to the datacentre where their equipment is hosted. We prefer to have 24 hours notice of any access requirements but appreciate that emergencies do occur.

What is ANLX’s Network Availability Guarantee? ANLX guarantee to maintain Internet connectivity to your hosted equipment at 100%. For more information please read our Service Level Agreement

What contract terms are available from ANLX? ANLX Co-location hosting is available on 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 month contract terms (variable by datacentre location and size of requirement) – preferential rates are available for longer term commitments – please discuss with your ANLX account manager.

What kind of support is available? ANLX provide 24 x 7 support to all Data Centre Co-location and Managed Service clients and can offer assistance (may be chargeable) with:

  • Installation of equipment
  • Network configuration/troubleshooting
  • Server build
  • OS load/build
  • Security

What is ANLX’s provisioning lead time? Small co-location requirements can in some cases be accommodated immediately within existing rack space. Larger requirements will vary depending on size of requirement and the chosen datacentre – please discuss with your ANLX account manager.

What is included with all standard Co-location offerings? All Co-location clients are provided with the following:

  • Full network management
  • Network monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Money-back SLA – 100% network uptime guarantee
  • 2 x 100 Mbps redundant network ports
  • Power, as per individual requirements
  • Allocated IP addresses
  • 24×7 Support

What is the difference between Co-location and a Managed Server? With Co-location, you own and operate your own IT hardware and host this hardware in a physical space allocated & maintained by ANLX. With Managed Server, the server is not owned by you – it is owned by ANLX and is provided to you on a rental or lease arrangement. The server is owned, operated and supported by ANLX – reducing your IT support costs.

Pricing varies depending on location and size of individual customer requirements. ANLX can offer Docklands co-location with 2KW power from as little as £800 per month.

Please contact us to request a quotation.

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