Ultra fast fibre available in Shrewsbury available NOW!

Get fibre broadband and business ethernet delivered to your Home or Business within Shrewsbury within 14 days*

Get 110mb for £25** until 22nd January 2020!!

ANLX can now bring ultra fast fibre directly into your home or business premises. High quality and affordable with fast speeds, low latency and minimum network contention.

Whether it’s for online shopping or gaming at home, or keeping your business online and connected to your cloud applications and customers. ANLX has the right solution for you.

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We are also offering a Fibre Phone solution to replace your analogue telephone!

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Delivered direct from our local hub to your premises, residential fibre options are perfect for:

4K Video Streaming * Quick download of Games and Updates * Low latency for Gaming * Working from home * Online shopping * Smart TVs * Skype calls and VoIP

Until 22nd January get 110mb for the price of 50mb!!

ProductDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Normal Standard Monthly CostInstall CostSPECIAL OFFER Monthly cost
Residential Fibre 505010£30£0£25
Residential Fibre 11011030£45£0£25
Residential Fibre 33033050£90£0£90
Residential Fibre 1G900100£225£0£225

*Subject to survey.

  • Minimum term: 1 year
  • Typical lead times from signed order: 7-14 days
  • Includes use of router that must be returned by the user at end of contract or a £50 fee paid
  • Special offer orders must be placed by 22nd January 2020
  • At end of initial contract term monthly cost will revert to current standard price unless new deal agreed
  • All prices include VAT






If you have a lengthy outstanding contract with your current broadband supplier, but want to benefit from our fantastic fibre service, we can help by giving you 6 months free service on an 18 month contract, or 12 months free service on a 36 month contract*.  We will require proof that you have at least 6 months contract remaining with your current supplier to qualify.


ProductDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Normal Standard Monthly CostInstall CostSPECIAL OFFER Monthly cost
Residential Fibre 505010£30£0£16.67
Residential Fibre 11011030£45£0£16.67
Residential Fibre 33033050£90£0£60
Residential Fibre 1G900100£225£0£150

*Subject to survey.

*Discount will be applied monthly over the term of your contract with us.

  • Minimum term: 1 year, or you can sign up for 2 or 3 years to lock in the price for that period – at the end of the term, price will revert to the standard price unless a new deal and term is agreed.
  • Typical lead times from signed order: 7-14 days
  • Includes use of router that must be returned by the user at end of contract or a £50 fee paid




ProductDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)ServiceSLAMonthly CostInstall Cost
Business Fibre 505030Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£35£0*
Business Fibre 11011050Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£70£0*
Business Fibre 33033080Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£115£0*
Business Fibre 500500100Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£185£0*
Business Fibre 1000900150Shared Bandwidth2 Business Days£350£0*
Business Fibre Direct Internet Access 100100100Shared Bandwidth with Static IP8 Hours£140£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 100100100Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£225£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 200200200Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£315£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 300300300Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£335£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 400400400Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£350£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 500500500Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£375£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 600600600Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£400£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 700700700Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£425£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 800800800Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£450£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 900900900Dedicated Bandwidth with Static IP4 Hours£475£0*
Busineess Fibre Ethernet 10001000100Dedicated Bandwidthwith Static IP4 Hours£499£0*

* Subject to survey.


*All installations subject to survey and availability and your address

Residential connections include a wireless router that will need to be connected to the fibre where is comes into you property. The router remains the property of ANLX and will need to be returned by the user at the end of the contract or can be purchased for a £50 + VAT fee

Business connections are wires only, routers, firewalls and other network equipment can be provided when required, please email sales@anlx.com or call 0207 127 0500 to discuss you requirements.

Additional wireless access points, fibre phones and security products available just ask!

For services over 1 gigabit or specialist VPNs and MPLS please contact the technical sales team.




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